The Stoa of Nero

The Stoa of Nero was located east of the Agora. It was a basilica of two naves, which extended beside the Marble Street for 150 meters. This stoa was dedicated to “Artemis of Ephesus, Nero and his mother Agrippina and the people of Ephesus”, as recorded in its inscription and was called the Stoa of Nero. The terrace wall of the Stoa of Nero facing Marble Street was faced with bossed masonry blocks and was 1.70 m. above street level. The main gate in the South of the basilica was entered from the stairs in the Library Agora. The western nave of the Stoa of Nero, which was constructed on the rooms of the eastern stoa of the Agora, was completely demolished and consequently there is no precise information concerning the appearance of the stoa facade facing the Agora and whether it had a connection to the main atoa adjacent to it on its western side.