The Octagon and the Fountain of the City-Founder Androklos

The Octagon :
The Octagon is located by the side of Kuretes Street on the nortwestern corner of the second Slope House. This building, which has inscriptions in Latin and Greek on the side facing the Street, is a monumental tomb for Cleopatra’s sister Arsinoe IV, who was killed in 41 B.C. and is of an octagonal shape on top of a pedestal of a tetragonal shape. There is a vault and sarcophagus in this building. This octagonal building is surrounded by columns. The parts close to the roof are embellished with garlands and the roof was of a conical shape. The parts belonging to the roof and the Corinthian capitals of the tomb are still preserved. “The division of the monetary help to the cities after the earthquake”, is recorded in the Latin inscription on the left side. The inscription on the right side in Latin and Greek is about, “providing the funding fort he State Festival Games by the four cities”.

The Fountain of the City-Founder Androklos:
It is a fountain building constructed in honor of Androklos the mythological founder of Ephesus and is situated in the North of Kuretes Street, close to its end. The upper levels is in the Ionic order and the lower level in the Doric order. The roof reliefs and frieze pieces found in the excavations indicate that the building was constructed in the 2nd century B.C. The water source called Hypelaia is inside this building complex. Its facede was covered with marble in the Byzantine period and so this fountain is also called the Byzantine Fountain.