The Love House

The house next door to the Latrina has figured mosaic pavements and together with the inscription of close to its end. The upper level is in the Ionic order and the lower level in the Doric order. The roof relief and frieze pieces found in the excavation indicate that the building was constructed in the 2nd were paved with mosaics. There women drinking and sitting around a table are depicted in the floor mosaicsof the small room. It is thought that the women’s rooms were upstairs and the rooms on the ground floor were reserved for the guests. The portraits of four womens are depicted in the mosaic in the dining room with the four seasons of the year described through the depiction of these house in this vicinity, portraying the God Bes with a long phallus and numerous erotic statuettes, some of which are exhibited in the Museum of Ephesus. There is also a depiction of a heart punctured by an arrow and a foot, and an effigy of a woman of Polos incised on a marble block, which also is said to indicate a connection to the love house. The depiction of a heart indicates the love house and the effigy of the women of Polos indicates the library, it reads “follow me” (AKOLOYQI) in one sentences of the inscription.