The Gate of Hercules

In the Late Antique period a monumental gate was built from reused materials in the east corner of the Kuretes Street. This gate takes its name from its two doorposts which carry carved reliefs of Hercules and was constructed in 5th century A.D. to control vehicles moving up the Street. It is an arch which has an inscription over the doorpost which are decorated with depiction of Hercules wrapped in the fleece on the Nemean Lion. This structure can be dated to around the third quarter of the 5th century sine the name Flavius Constantinus is writtenin the ruin of inscriptions over the archivolts (arch shaped support). A corner block carries a relief of a flying Nike with a palm branch in the right hand and a garland made of leaves of daphne. The design of the Nike figure can be dated to the first half of the 4th century. Small repairs and modifications were later made to this gate.